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Dog Run Field Hire

£5.00 30 minutes

Private dog owner looking to exercise your canine friend off lead? Enjoy exclusive use of our enclosed dog field, fully secure and safe for your furry friend to explore.

30mins 1 – 5 dogs – £5.00

30 mins 5- 8 dogs – £7.50

30 min 8 – 10 dogs – £9.00

Dog Run Field @ Edenmill

Our fully enclosed dog field is perfect for off lead puppy training, recall practise, injury recovery, nervous pooches or socialising your new family member with their siblings.

The field is a large open space for your animals to run around in and explore the new environment.  Within the Field there is a picnic bench for you to relax and keep an eye on your pets as well as dog poo bins and bags for your use.

When booking a 30 min slot you get exclusive use or feel free to bring a couple of friends and dogs with you. We advise that there is a maximum of 10 dogs per booking and animals must be supervised throughout.

30mins 1 – 5 dogs – £5.00

30 mins 5- 8 dogs – £7.50

30 min 8 – 10 dogs – £9.00

Edenmill Café

Our on site Café is available before or after your dog run session to pick up breakfast, lunch, coffee or cakes for sit in or take away. You will also find our Butcher Shop and toilet facilities within the main building alongside our Café.

Terms Of Use

Dogs must be supervised at all times and never left in the field unattended.

Please leave the field as you found it, taking any rubbish with you and utilising our dog waste bin.

Maximum of 10 dogs in the field at one time (please select total number at the time of booking).

You are responsible and liable for you and your dogs safety throughout the duration of your time.

Please ensure all gates are shut at all times.


How do I gain access to the field?

Please check in for your booking at our café where you will collect a key to open the field and dog poo bags.

Please return the key at the end of your allocated time.

Allow an extra 10 mins prior to booking to collect your key from the Café.

Is there livestock nearby?

We don’t have any livestock near the fields. We are primarily a Christmas Tree Farm.

Do you provide water for the dogs?

We do not provide a water bowl in the field so please bring this with you, we can provide tap water from the Café.

Opening times

– Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm

Do you have car parking on site?

We have a large car park which is complementary for your use during your visit.

Will any other dogs be in the field at the same time as mine?

No, by making the booking you guarantee exclusive use.